Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

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Q.I don't like some of the rules, do we have any say in how this tournament is run?

Q.Isn't this gambling?

Q.How long do I have to wait to receive an award for my winnings?

Q.I'm a beginning golfer, what chance do I have to win?

Q.I'm a professional golfer, how do I participate?

Q.I'm a beginning golfer, Can I golf in the scratch division?

Q.Am I placed on the same team every time I participate?

Q.How many Categories can I participate in?

Q.Do I get to golf with my friends?

Q.When are the teams made up?

Q.Are the teams exactly equal when their total team ranking is computed?

Q.If a golfer is found to have posted an incorrect score and their team is in the money, what happens?

Q.When will you turn on the other Sub-Divisions?

Q.Aren't you going to ruin it for other tournaments?

Q.Is your tournament Sanctioned?

Q.What are your long-range plans?

Q.I'm a little confused on how the prizes are distributed, can you explain in more detail?

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Q. I don't like some of the rules, do we have any say in how this tournament is run?

A. Absolutely. Once the tournament is up and running and stabilized, we will survey the members. Rules may be modified and adjusted to their wishes. This will be the ratification of the initial rules.  We will do this for the first three years on an annual basis. After that, every other year we will examine the wishes of the members and adjust accordingly. As it is now, and depending on the desires of enough golfers we can add Divisions, Sub-divisions, Categories and entry fees  very quickly.

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Q. Isn't this gambling?

A. No, this is a tournament. A very LARGE tournament. However for those of you who are telling your friends that it is illegal, I refer you to the Legal opinion we obtained when I first conceived the tournament concept. State Attorney General's office of South Carolina

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Q. How long do I have to wait to receive a gift certificate for my winnings?

A. Those golfers in the money in Local events will receive awards the next day, as the local event is usually run in the evening. If you are still at the club when it is run, and you are in the money you should receive an award that day. The award can be all cash or some percentage in gift certificate/cash. It is up to each house to decide how they want to distribute the awards. For Winner take all Events, the award could be quite large. In the case where a club does not receive enough cash in Fee's to cover that award, they must wait until all other clubs that receive more fee's than they pay out over a two week period turn in the excess from the Fee pool. For the time being and until we can interest an impartial orginization to act as a clearing house, we will act as the trustee of those funds, distributing where needed and receiving where warranted. Those clubs choosing only gift certificates to be awarded may award the prize right away and settle up with us at the end of each two week period.

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Q. I'm a beginning golfer, what chance do I have to win?

A. Well, first you have the same chance as anyone else. In fact, the golfers that are just starting out have the greatest chance to impact the team because the more you practice, the better you will score.  You have a greater chance of scoring more points than the low handicap Golfer. So what's the secret? Practice, practice, practice!

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Q. I'm a professional Golfer, how do I participate?

A. Register just like any other golfer. Every team has an A player and generally your d player will rank towards the end of the Roster. BUT, they are generally the ones who post the best NET scores, so you are welcome to play. As for Scratch Events, it is our vision to set up events especially for Professionals. Every Pro can participate. We can have teams of Pros as well as Single events that will pay cash, but all of that is in planning at this point.

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Q. I'm a beginning Golfer, Can I golf in the Scratch division?

A. Yes, but the scratch division is for the Scratch Golfers. No Handicap. Your chances would not be good there. Golfers electing to participate in the Scratch Division must be signed up for at least one category in a Sub-division of the Team Division.

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Q. Am I placed on the same team every time I participate?

A. No. In fact, if you sign up in three categories, you will be placed on three different teams. This means you have three separate chances of winning.

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Q. How many categories can I participate In?

A. As we make available all the components of the events, the number of categories will increase. Assuming we have both the US and States/Countries Sub-divisions of the Team Division available there would be 6 Categories you could choose. It is possible that if you were a Scratch Golfer and elected to participate in every category of every Sub-division of both Divisions, you could sign up for 24 of them. Later, as the tournament grows we can add more categories, say a 'one winner in 250' category or a 'one winner in 500' category and so on. We will always have a 'one winner in ten' category and a 'winner take all' category in each Sub-division. You will have a say in how may categories we offer.

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Q. Do I get to golf with my friends?

A. Sure, if that is the way your organized golf event is set up, but it would be rare if they show up with you on the same Big Blitz team. This adds some additional friendly competition to your golfing experience..

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Q. When are the teams made up?

A. This is an important question and you need to understand the reasoning behind the answer because it goes to the heart of the tournament. The teams are made up after the scores are posted. So why do we do that? If we make up the teams and a golfer does not post their score on time, the team would get a high net score and the team would have no chance. We anticipate that some Golfers will not post scores. They will forfeit their entry fee. There are legitimate reasons for not posting a score so there are not harsh penalties, however to prevent abuse they may only do this three times in a year. After that they will be suspended from play for 6 months. (This is one of those rules that the members will want to examine and possibly modify). A Golfers scores are not used to determine the team they are placed with. Their handicaps are. We will save the roster in our files so that we can prove to any interested party the teams that are made up would be the same every time the program creating the teams is run.

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Q. Are the teams exactly equal when their team handicap is computed?

A. Yes if we use the sum of the teams individual ranks. However, the total team handicaps could vary a couple of strokes, especially as we build the rosters. To prove that point, sign up and participate in in the Big Blitz during our test phase and see how it is done. There is nothing to lose and it is free.

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Q. If a Golfer is found to have posted an incorrect score and their team is in the money, what happens?

A. Until the rules are ratified , we have decided to adopt this rule: The person who scored incorrectly will forfeit their winnings into the Super Pot, and be suspended for 6 months. That Golfers teammates, who had nothing to do with the incorrect score, will not be penalized and will receive the normal share as if the score were correct. This rule will most likely be one of the most discussed. We had a choice, neither is perfect, but the alternative was to have all the team forfeit their winnings.  Which way is fairer? You will decide when the rules are ratified and everyone has a chance to have their say.

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Q. What is the Super Pot?

A. It is a fund for future special events.

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Q. When will you turn on the other Sub-Divisions?

A. As we build our database of Golf Courses and the corresponding Course ratings for their tee boxes, we will begin offering play in the Big Blitz outside of the US. For the time zone Sub-division, the same issues come into play. For the State/Province Sub-division we can do that as soon as we have enough Golfers in each State to run it, roughly 400 on a roster.

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Q. Aren't you going to ruin it for other tournaments?

A. NO, we depend on scores from organized medal play golf events. We hope to provide sponsorship to tournaments promoting the BIG BLITZ as an added component of their tournament. We will link to any tournament conducted on any Golfcourse, for free. Just give us a chance to get it up and running and we will add that feature

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Q. Is your tournament Sanctioned?

A. This tournament is not sanctioned by the USGA nor have I asked them to sanction it. This tournament must earn it's own way and I hope that will come about.  The scores you post in organized golf events are yours to do with as you please, however. 

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Q. What are your long-range plans?

A. A Super Blitz is a feature we'll add as soon as we are up and running. We plan on conducting tournaments to be held at Golf Courses near resort locations. Qualification will be based on winners from the Golf tournaments. Look for details as we grow. We look to you, the members, to tell us what you would like to see and will consider every format or variation that will have a popular appeal.

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Q. I'm a little confused on how the prizes are distributed, can you explain in more detail?

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