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I have come to the realization that running the tournament from the pro-shop is unworkable. I will be altering the method of first time registration, signing up for tournament events and posting of scores to allow for all inputs directly by the Golfers themselves.

To participate, a Golfer must be in a club sanctioned event like a blitz, or club championship. Any event that is USGA sanctioned too. Any event where the idividual scores will be posted publically. This is the way scores can be verified in our events.

I am adding three buttons: 1st time registration (only need to do this once), Signup for an event (do this on the day you wish to compete in the big blitz, We will need to know from which tee box you will be playing from to account for the rating), and posting a score.

No prizes are being awarded, but a person can participate and see how it all works for free.

After this evaluation period is concluded, all Golfers data will be reset, all simulated golfers will be removed and we will begin charging fee's and awarding prizes.

contact us by email here: .

As we grow expect some shutdown days as we rebuild the look of the website and the size of our ability to handle the increasing numbers of participants.

Please take a moment to read the rules and the FAQ's. Think about what it would mean to conduct tournaments that allow participants from all over the world to compete. Give us a chance to demonstrate the team making method and the course equalizing method. If you have comments or suggestions we welcome them. Thanks for visiting us and check back often!