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This is a proof of concept website and we invite you to participate. The scope and size of this tournament would bring golfers together from all around the world to compete in events run as often as there is a demand for them.

To see the results of the BIG BLITZ tournaments, proof of concept, click HERE!:

Please NOTE: The Golf Courses listed in this simulation are NOT CURRENTLY participating in the BIGBLITZ, though we hope they will consider it soon. We use real course names only to demonstrate what the potential is for the BIGBLITZ INTERCLUB events. The computer generated Golfers, scores and handicaps are randomly generated to create a realistic BIGBLITZ INTERCLUB event environment with thousands of particpants.

Folks, we want to make sure you understand that this is NOT a GAMBLING WEBSITE! Please refer to this legal opinion from the State Attorney General's office of South Carolina

To see correspondence and the final opinion of the USGA click HERE