These rules are subject to membership review once we have 10,000 members.  At that time, a member will be eligible to submit recommended changes and vote on permanent adoption of the rules. They are intended to allow us to initiate the tournament and give it an opportunity to grow. Once the tournament is in place, rule change recommendations will be accepted and submitted to the general membership for adoption or rejection. If enough of the members wish them, additional formats, variations and Divisions may be added.

1. Participation

1.1. Participation in the BIG BLITZ is limited to Golfers over the age of 18 when playing for gift certificates or awards which may impact on their amateur standing.

1.2. Participation in the BIG BLITZ is limited to Golfers participating in organized Golf events such as a Golf League or Tournament with at least eight(8) participants in the event. Any USGA event as well.

1.3. Golfers may choose to create a BIG BLITZ league dedicated to participating in this event.

2. Refusal Rights

2.1. We reserve the right to refuse entries submitted from any Golf Course or any Golfer for any reason.

3. Divisions, Sub-divisions, Categories

3.1. The BIG BLITZ will eventually consist of, but is not limited to Local tournaments, two Divisions, five Sub-divisions. There is a winning ration for each event, sometimes referred to as the 'odds of winning'. We will always have a Winner take all for Interclub events. But we can add additional ratios as the demand for them determines. We can add 1 winner out of 30 and so forth. Entry fee will begin at $10 entry fee but we can have tiers of entry fees, such as a $20 events, $50 events and so on. Prizes would increase with the entry fee

3.1.1. The Divisions will be: Team and Scratch

Scratch Golfers compete on an individual level but must sign up for at least one team event. Note: Scratch events are planned for the future, but not available at this time

3.1.2. The Sub-divisions in each Division are:


World: Golfers compete from courses around the world.

Time Zone: Golfers compete only within a time zone, but across countries.

Country: Golfers compete only within a country.

State of Province: Golfers compete from within individual States or Provinces.

Regional: Golfers compete from within a Geographic Region. In the US it could be the North versus the South, East versus the West etc.

NOTE: The Tournament will commence with only United States Sub-division available. The other Sub-divisions will become available as soon as there is enough interest.

3.1.3. We are beginning with 1 winner per 40 entries. However we intend to offer at least two other categories of winning ratios and possibly more as demand dictates. The three Categories within each Sub-division would be:

Winner take all – Highest score plus ties share the ‘Prize Pool’.

One winner for every forty participants

3.1.4. Eventually, Golfers may choose one, any two or all three Categories to compete in.

4. Entry Fee

4.1 We will build the base of golfers by running the events for free, with no payouts. The cash fee entry will be $10 initially. Cash prizes will be awarded at 80% of entries. We have the ability to add higher entry fees which will expand the size of the Pot. There is a $10 entry fee for each of the possible combination of events when we reach that point.

5. The Prize Pool

5.1. The ‘PRIZE POOL’ is 80% of entry fees.

5.1.1.  The 20% administrative fee is in line with other tournament promotions.

6. Prize Distribution

6.1. All prize distributions, scores and teams will be public records and accessible to anyone wishing to see them.

6.2. Golfers not wishing to have their Big Blitz Handicaps, scores or prize winnings in the public domain should not participate.

6.3. Formula for prize distribution is based on the sum of the numbers.

7. Definition of Terms

7.1. Winner – Any person scoring well enough to share in the ‘Prize Pool’.

7.2. Roster – The list of Golfers signed up to compete in a BIG BLITZ Golfing event.

7.3. Big Blitz Handicap –The number derived when a players stroke count is compared to the Course rating of the tee they play from. The BIG BLITZ handicap will be re-calculated after every event and will be used as the beginning handicap for the next subsequent BIG BLITZ event. Once the oringal handicap is posted, no other scores outside of the BIG BLITZ events will be used in its calculation. All Big Blitz handicaps higher than 36 will be adjusted to a maximum of 36.

7.3.1. Big Blitz Handicaps will be carried to 6 decimal points.

7.3.2. Big Blitz Handicaps greater than 6 decimal points will be rounded up.

7.4 Net Score – The difference between a Golfers score and the Course rating of the tee box they play from constitutes their Net Score for the round. An example: A golfer completes the round in 87 strokes, including penalties. Subtracting the Course rating of 72.6 equals a net score of 14.4 over the course rating. If a golfers Big Blitz handicap was 15.35 the total score would be 14.4 minus 15.35 or -0.95

7.5. Team Score – The sum of the total Net Score posted by the team members on a team. This is the score used to determine whether a team is in the money. The lower the better.

7.6. Category – United States, World, State or Province, Timezone or Region. We will begin with just the United States. Competing in the combinations of Each of these are separate event

7.7. Day of the week – Golfers can only compete in an event that occurs on the same day their organized golf event is held. Each of these is a separate event

7.8. Division – Team or scratch – each of these is a separate event.

7.9. Fee – Fees can range to whatever the member want them to be. We can hold $10 events, $20 events, any amount the members choose to compete for, so long as there are enough of them to warrant the addition of different fee levels. Each of  these would be a separate event

7.10. Ratios – We will begin with a two events: A one team winning it all and 1 winner in 40. Later we can add 1 winner in 10 and 1 winner in 33 or whatever ratio the participants choose. As we grow, we could have a 1 winner in 50, 1 in 100, 1 in 250 and so on. Each of these would be a separate event.

7.11. Time Zone – We can hold events within time zones.  Each of these is a separate event.

7.12 Tournament-Type –

7.12.1 Local - routine events held daily but not outside their own club

7.12.2 Special - Special events like Champion of Champions, Events held in resort locations, etc

7.12.3 Sponsor – Events held by Sponsors. Examples could be – events held between country clubs owned by a corporation with special prizes. Events held by  sponsors awarding automobiles as prizes, etc.

7.12.4. Event – An event is a combination of the above listed elements. If all of these elements are activated, we could be holding 30 or 50 different events on a daily basis.

8. Registration

8.1. All Golfers must register prior to signing up for the Big Blitz. This is only required once .

8.2. Information required at registration include their State Golf Handicap ID number Name, Address and State USGA most recent handicap. Email and/or contact phone number is optional. Once we begin play for pay, we will need a way to collect your fee and pay you if you win. Paypal is a good method.

8.2.1. A Golfer may belong to more than one course or submit scores from organized golf events at more than one course, but only one score from any one round of golf may be entered per day.

8.3. Golfer must provide this information prior to signing up for a BIG BLITZ event.

8.4. Golfer use their State Handicap ID number upon registration and post the most recent handicap on record.

8.5. Golfer must signup for a Local Tournament Roster any time prior to the pro shutting down entrants.

8.6. Golfer may withdraw their name from the Roster but not after they have begun play without losing their signup fee.

8.7. The Golf Course from which scores will be posted must exist in our database with the Course rating of all tee boxes rated at that course. The organized golf event must have a point of contact, either the Club Pro or someone charged with coordinating the organized golf event from which you will submit your scores. Individual Golf Leagues or Tournaments can be associated as they come to be.

8.7.1. The organized golf event must coincide with the day the BIG BLITZ is held. An example is your Club Championship is held on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and you wish to participate in the BIG BLITZ, you may post scores for Fridays BIG BLITZ from your Friday round, Saturday's BIG BLITZ from your Saturdays round and so forth. You may not use your scores for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday of Thursday events other than on the day of play. Inter Club scores must be entered prior to 10 pm, Eastern Standard time to give our West Coast golfers an opportunity to post scores. Golfers outside of the United states in different time zones will have an opportunity to join the BIG BLITZ as we expand.

8.7.2. Golfers Handicaps used in the event will be from the Big Blitz Handicaps maintained by  Big Blitz application.

9. Scoring

9.1. Net Score is determined by subtracting the Course rating of the tee boxes you played your round on, from your medal play score and then subtracting your handicap.

9.2. BIG BLITZ Handicaps will be carried to 6 decimal points.

9.3. Golfers must submit scores prior to 10 pm, Eastern Standard Time, of the day of the event.

9.4. Failure to submit their scores by 10 pm, Eastern Standard Time, of the day of the event, will result in the Golfer being removed from the Roster and forfeiture of their entry fee.

10. Creating the Teams

10.1. Teams will be created using a method which ensures equity for all skill levels and teams. Once teams are created in our system, you can test the equity of the system by adding the individual rankings of the team members and compare that number to the sum of the rankings on other teams. They will be identical

10.2 The team assignments will ensure that  all teams are very close to equality.

10.3. Teams will be created once ALL participants have submitted scores.

10.3.1. For Country events, the teams will be created at 10:30 PM Eastern Standard Time on the day of the event.

10.4. Golfers on the Roster will be placed on teams by the computer based on the Handicaps maintained for them in the BIG BLITZ databases. Each golfer is assigned a ranking number, the position on the roster they hold after sorting by Big Blitz handicap. Add the ranking numbers of each team member and compare to other teams. All the Team total rankings are equal.

10.4.1. Total Team entering Handicaps will be prominently displayed once the teams have been created.

10.4.2. It is possible that out of the total number of Golfers on a roster, when we make the teams, there could be one, two or even three Golfers left over, not enough to make a team.

NOTE:We could have decided to drop them and refund their money, or allow them to be placed on two teams. This was a tough decision but for now, we have elected to place them on two teams. See the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) for details of why this is done. Remember, all rules are subject to the membership ratification.

11. Maintaining Big Blitz Handicaps

11.1. Established Handicap will be accepted from a Golfer at initial registration.

11.2. Once a Golfer has completed one BIG BLITZ event, Big Blitz Handicaps will be maintained based on BIG BLITZ participation only.

11.3. A Golfers Big Blitz Handicap will be calculated using a weight factor of 7 events. An example, A Golfers entering Handicap is 24. They score a 87 minus Tee Box Course rating of 72.0 equals 15. We then multiply 6 times starting handicap of 24 which is 144. Add the 15 scored on this event - equals 159. Divide 159 by 7 equals 22.714285. This new Big Blitz Handicap will carry the decimals out 6 places. This will assist in determining more accurately a persons ranking in the roster, their assignment to teams and reduce the probability of ties.

11.4. A Golfer in the money and in the top ten percent three times in a 3 month period will have their Big Blitz handicap manually adjusted to the most recent winning score as the most current Big Blitz handicap for the next subsequent events.

11.5. The Big Blitz handicap system is NOT ENDORSED BY THE USGA and is not intended to be used outside of Big Blitz Events.

12. Golfing outside the US.

12.1. Golfers outside the United States may participate in the local version of the Big Blitz until such time as we develop an acceptable method to deal with the time differences .

12.1.1. Organized Golf Leagues in countries outside of the United States must have adopted USGA rules of the United States or Britain in order to compete.

13. Golfer Acceptance.

13.1. Golfers must agree to these rules prior to signing up for the Roster and competing in a BIG BLITZ event.

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